3 Comments on “Metadata Rules Folders Drool Demo in SharePoint 2013”

  1. vincenzo russo says:

    Hi Tamara – i attended this session at SharePointFest in Denver – EXCELLENT presentation! Your lively and engaging style kept me on my toes and very interested. Thanks for the candy prize!
    I do have a question – how do you get around the Explorer view limitation of 5k items? We are using sharpeoint online and as soon as we added 5k files to the library (no folders-we are using site columns for metadata), the explorer view no longer shows any files. any help would be appreciated, Our users save files directly to the library using mapped drive and a link in their favorites.
    Thanks, again, cant wait to attend another one of your sessions.

    • Folders are good for two things; Security and managing lists/libraries with more than 5k items. Create a folder structure, but make sure that one of the metadata columns represents the name of the folder in which the item is contains. Consider setting using the Column default value settings to set the value of the column based on to which folder the file is uploaded.

      • John Koser says:

        Folders have another purpose — when syncing you can choose to only sync a folder(s) rather than an entire library.

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