9 Comments on “What the Heck Is Metadata?”

  1. jonnowicki says:

    I like it I usually start by taking a bread roll out of my pocket and ask the audience what it is called what’s it made of ,shape , style and lastly what do they call it on their area of England.

  2. Good explanation. As people progress in their understanding of metadata, it might be helpful to distinguish between managed metadata and unmanaged metadata

  3. Then you can extend it to explain how, if you were looking for that item, what words would you search for? The more metadata you have, the more “findable” your item is. Different people perceive different words as relevant. Be as all-encompassing as possible with your metadata (AKA tags) to get the most bang for your buck re: search results.

    • You are right on the mark. I love to do a little demo of finding the pictures in a folder structure versus finding the photos using filter and sorting on metadata.

      How do you balance the amount of metadata you ask for with how much you are likely to get?

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  5. […] Want to learn how to explain metadata to your users without using the old, “Metadata is data about data” definition? Check out What the Heck is Metadata? […]

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