Can’t Delete a List Calendar View in SharePoint Online

Hey Tamara, Why can’t I delete the Calendar view I created in my SharePoint Online list? To delete any other view all I need to do is select Edit current view from the view drop-down and hit the delete button on the next screen. I don’t get that option when I try to edit the Calendar view. HELP!

Whew! That sounds frustrating. You are right in that the delete option is not available from the Edit current view selection. The Edit the current view option for the Calendar view looks like this.

Edit current view for a Calendar formatted view.

Not a delete button in sight.

Don’t panic.

You can still delete the Calendar view the old-fashioned way.

  1. Go to the list with the Calendar view.
  2. Click on the cog in the upper right corner.
  3. Select List settings.
  4. On the List settings page, scroll down to the bottom where the views are listed.
  5. Click on your Calendar view.
  6. Now you will see the Delete button. Click the Delete button and the view is deleted.

Remember, deleted views do NOT go into the Recycle bin.

Links to Additional Views Disappear in SharePoint 2013 When OOTB Style is Applied

Here’s some magic for you. If you add an out of the box style to a view of an App (list or library) the links to the views disappear. We are not talking custom code here. We’re talking about selecting a view style from the Style drop-down.


View with no Style added.

View Links

Add Style.

Add Style

Select Style

Links to additional views are missing.
Style is applied, but your links to additional views have disappeared.

Links to additional views missing.

You can still get to the additional views by clicking on the List or Library tab, and clicking the drop-down for Current View:

Current View drop-down

This is NOT the type of behavior I expected. How about you?

Please comment if you see different behavior in your uncustomized environment.

Peek a Boo Where is My View in SharePoint 2013

It should come as no surprise to anyone that how we switch views in SharePoint 2013 lists and libraries has changes.

To make it easier to spot the differences between 2010 and 2013 let’s do a side by side comparison.



Document Library
In 2013 the Add New Document option is at the top of the library. In 2010 the link is at the bottom.

What to click on to change views
The Library tab is available in both 2013 and 2010.
Notice in 2013 all views are listed. In 2010 you need the dropdown in the breadcrumb

Make the View Menu appear
In 2013 click the ellipse. In 2010 click the dropdown in the breadcrumb.

View Menu from Library tab
Icons in 2013 look cleaner, but basically remained the same.

With another web part on the page
In both 2013 and 2010 adding another web part to the page makes the Ribbon disappear.
Users must select the web part they want to work with before the contextual Ribbon re-appears.
In 2013 the views remain listed. In 2010 the dropdown in the breadcrumb disappears.

Please let me know if I should add something to this side by side comparison for Views.