Sharing in OneDrive Not Under Your Control

You would think that when you select Share with specific people in OneDrive you are only giving access to the person whose email address you have entered.


If you grant that user Edit permissions to the document, that user can then share that document with others without you even knowing.

If, on the other hand, you grant a user View access to the document and the user tries to share it with another person, you are notified by email to Accept or Decline the request.

Just thought you should be aware.

Microsoft Can Bring Us Together

I met my now husband at the Ignite 2015 Conference in Chicago. We shared a table at lunch with some other SharePoint junkies. He was married to someone else at the time so he went straight to the Friends Zone. We stayed in touch over social media asking each other for advice and tips on our respective SharePoint journies.

Flashforward to 2017 and SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities. He was a speaker from Portland, OR. I was an organizer from the Twin Cities. I offered to let him stay in the guest room for the event. We spent all of our waking time together.

He then flew out for a visit for Thanksgiving and met the family.

Again for Christmas.

I flew to Portland, OR for Valentine’s day.

By the end of May 2018, we were moving in together. Now we talk SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive all the time.

We decided to get married in May of 2021 but were thwarted by Covid-19. Pushed the wedding out a year to May 22, 2022.

It was worth the wait.

Thank you Microsoft to bringing two SharePoint junkies together in technology and in love.