Love My Traveling Secondary Monitor

I LOVE having two monitors while I am working. It makes it easier to compare documents, write step-by-step documentation, and keep an eye on TweetDeck.

My first travel monitor broke after a couple short months. Although it was very inexpensive I did not choose to purchase it a second time. If you’d like to see the first monitor, check out my old blog post Dual Monitors on the Road.

I decided, after much research, to kick in an extra $100 (total under $200) and go with the Lenovo ThinkVision.

  • Weighs about the same as my iPad (3) and the screen is just a little wider than my laptop screen.
  • No need for an extra outlet. This thing is powered through the USB (the only hook-up) port on your laptop.
  • I’ve actually hooked up a VGA cable monitor and the ThinkVision; Hello three monitors without changing cards.
  • It comes with an easy-to-slide-on cover to protect the screen. Wish the first one had that feature.
  • You can watch webinars and screencasts without pixelation or lag time. Don’t think I’d try video games.

This monitor has been in constant use since November 2010. I’m talking five to seven days a week. It ROCKS.

UPDATE 10/12/15 – Still using the monitor, though not as much as I used to since taking a full-time job. Still works. Still recommend it.

UPDATE 8/8/2022 – Just used it last week while working from a friend’s house. Really made a huge difference in productivity.

5 Comments on “Love My Traveling Secondary Monitor”

  1. Matt Ferguson says:

    What size and what are the specs on your Lenovo ThinkVision? I also need a small second monitor that is easy for travel (100%).

  2. mwferg05 says:

    Tamara, which model of ThinkVision are you using, do you pack it in your luggage or in a backpack with your laptop. My concern is over the size and possible damage of traveling with a monitor that is 15 inches wide.

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