Upload Documents in SharePoint 2013

There are at least two ways to upload documents to a SharePoint 2013 library.

  1. Old School – Click on Documents tab and in the New Group, select Upload. Just like in 2007 and 2010.
  2. New School – Just drag and drop the document into the library. No need to open in Explorer View, get a cup of coffee while you wait for it to open, and then drag and drop files.

Click on the video below to check it out.

6 Comments on “Upload Documents in SharePoint 2013”

  1. Brandon Cunningham says:

    I am the Project Manager for a Credit Union and we are about to transition to Sharepoint. What is the best way for me to get up to speed on what it does and how to use it? I don’t need an IT perspective but rather a high level how to explain and operate. I read a lot and can learn from many different methods so I am open to books, class, online etc…

  2. Ann Collins says:

    Great Bog and great resources above.
    Are you aware of any similar for 2013?

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