Peek a Boo Where is My View in SharePoint 2013

It should come as no surprise to anyone that how we switch views in SharePoint 2013 lists and libraries has changes.

To make it easier to spot the differences between 2010 and 2013 let’s do a side by side comparison.



Document Library
In 2013 the Add New Document option is at the top of the library. In 2010 the link is at the bottom.

What to click on to change views
The Library tab is available in both 2013 and 2010.
Notice in 2013 all views are listed. In 2010 you need the dropdown in the breadcrumb

Make the View Menu appear
In 2013 click the ellipse. In 2010 click the dropdown in the breadcrumb.

View Menu from Library tab
Icons in 2013 look cleaner, but basically remained the same.

With another web part on the page
In both 2013 and 2010 adding another web part to the page makes the Ribbon disappear.
Users must select the web part they want to work with before the contextual Ribbon re-appears.
In 2013 the views remain listed. In 2010 the dropdown in the breadcrumb disappears.

Please let me know if I should add something to this side by side comparison for Views.

12 Comments on “Peek a Boo Where is My View in SharePoint 2013”

  1. J says:


    I was wondering if you know how to change the number of views shown before the ‘…’ appears? When I first started using it 3 were showing, now I only have one, I actually want 6. Do you know where this is configured?

    Many thanks


    • I don’t know where this is configured, but this is an interesting question.

      Just so I understand, you would like to always show links to 6 views for a list or library regardless of screen size. Is that correct?

      A good question to ask is “Why do my users want to show links to 6 different views?” Depending on the answer, you may want a different solution.

      • J says:

        Yes, I’d always like to show six views, each view pulls out a different ‘type’ of document held in that library. I see no reason to setup a different library for each type when the documents are all linked but I’d like to be able to easily see all documents of type ‘x’ by switching view. The puzzling thing is that when I first accessed the library it showed me 3 views by default, then I added a few more and it’s only showing one and I have to toggle to see all of the other ones. I’m sure it must be configurable somewhere!

  2. Marc says:

    Hi J

    I have the same problem. Did You find a solution to it, please?


  3. Klaus Kral says:

    any solution to increase the number of views from 3 to more?
    Kind regards,

    • Hello Klaus,

      I’ve seen some people use Promoted Links list to solve this issue. The other route would be custom dev.

      The next blog post on will include the setps to use Promoted Links list.

      Thanks for the question.


      • Klaus Kral says:


        thank you.

        Do you know, where is the code for custom development to change the limit?

        Kind regards,


  4. Sorry. I don’t know where there is custom code to add more views to a list page.

  5. Swetha Sankaran says:

    Did anyone find a solution to this? I would like to show the views as menu items on top and don’t understand why only 3 show up at a time. Surely, there must be a way to customize it, but where? 🙂

  6. Ric says:

    I’ve got the same issue, my template document library used to show 3 views on the menu, then the ellipses (…). Now it only shows one view and the other two have to be selected from the ellipses. I’m not after 6 view menu items but this is the same problem essentially so if anyone knows the solution, please share.

  7. Els Croux says:

    The perfect solution for your issue, and it is not to difficult to, but you need to do it for every view

  8. Emma says:

    Does anyone have an explanation for the following difference between 2010 and 2013:

    In 2010, you could create a personal view in a list or library, then edit the personal view page and add web parts to the personal view page.

    We are in a hybrid environment right now, 2013 back end with 2010 front end, and when my user tried to do this, his page was blank when he clicked Stop Editing and to get back a view of his list items, he had to open the list again.

    I tested this in our 2013 front end test environment and the same behavior occurred. I found that you must select “Personalize this Page” from the menu under your name in order to have page edit capabilities.

    I can understand why this behavior occurs since we do actually train our users NOT to modify the container (app) pages but to create landing pages to display the content and modify those, but does anyone know where I can find an “official” explanation of this change? I haven’t found anything.

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