Build Your Own Fantasy SharePoint Team

Building a Team

Everyone is excited about their new Fantasy Football Teams and Leagues here in the United States. A lot of deliberation and planning go into selecting members of your team. Hours even days are spent pouring over players’ stats and skills before making the final choices.

What about our Fantasy SharePoint Teams? Imagine if you could build your dream team from the ground up.

  • What stats and skills would you pull onto the team?
  • Would you define roles and the skills needed to fulfill those roles OR would you define the skills and then define the roles based on the people with the various skills?
  • Would those skills be different if it was SharePoint Online, On Premises or Hybrid?
  • Would personality traits enter into the equation? If so what would they be?

Here’s a couple I think are needed regardless if you go old fashioned roles based or skills based.

  • Know and understand the tools available in the browser to prevent over development. Exam 77-419
  • Information Architecture / Library Science background
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Query Language
  • Understand how SharePoint interacts with other Office Applications.
  • Create Search Results templates for SharePoint 2013
  • Know and understand SharePoint Designer Workflows, …
  • Can work in one or more of the following languages:
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Net
    • XML
    • Understand and can make use of the client-side object model and REST APIs.

It’s only a start.

Add your skills list to the comments below.

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