ECM is Going Social in SharePoint and Beyond

Female human head shape with social media icons design EPS10 filDocuments aren’t the only thing in an organization that need to be managed to mitigate risk and increase employee efficiencies. Videos, meeting recordings, blog posts, microblogs and activity feeds are all part of your enterprise content.

These frequently missed file types have now earned a place in your file plan and retention policies.

When a judge want to see all the information pertaining to a case, he or she isn’t interested in the easy to find documents, he or she wants all the INFORMATION your organization has retained regarding the issue at hand.

“Sorry, we don’t have a way to get that information to you” is not a viable excuse.

Writing a check for huge fines doesn’t make anyone happy.

My favorite quote from the KnowlegeLake User Conference on March 2nd, 2014 was from Pamela Doyle, Director or Fujitsu Computer Products of America, “Not managing your content is like driving a car 85 miles per hour in a school zone because you can pay the ticket. Obviously you haven’t considered any of the other possible ramifications”

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